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Meet Whiz the Collaborative Robot

Work smarter, safer and create a healthier environment with Whiz, our cobotic vacuum cleaner.


Whiz is a cobotic vacuum cleaner that collaborates with cleaning teams to create happier, healthier environments. Whiz handles vacuuming so that cleaners can focus on more important cleaning tasks.


Easy to use

Working straight out of the box, Whiz automatic vacuum cleaner is easy to set up, manage and maintain. A remote notification pager alerts your cleaners if Whiz has finished a route or needs additional help.
Whiz lessens the impact of staffing gaps in the workforce, achieving up to 100% vacuum coverage, 100% of the time with the combined effort of collaborative robot and a cleaner.


Offers a variety of commercial options

Whiz is available through our distributors offering flexible commercial options, fast servicing, and support, leaving you safe in the knowledge that the Whiz automatic vacuum cleaner will always perform at its best.


Capable of memorizing complex navigations

Whiz is powered by BrainOS®, the robotic industry’s leading intelligent, self-driving technology. Once taught, Whiz is capable of navigating complex environments safely.


Capable of reducing harmful particles

Whiz reduces harmful particles on average by 53%, improving occupant wellbeing and establishing itself as a staple cobotic vacuum cleaner, perfect for almost any environment and industry.

WHIZ Commercial Vaccum cleaner

€20,000.00 Regular Price
€17,500.00Sale Price
Excluding Tax
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