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It is the world’s leading new composite positioning and navigation technology. Laser radar, machine vision and depth vision are the few examples of the seven sensing systems integrated deep in the robot. In addition, W3 operates stably and navigates autonomously under complex indoor environment conditions.


High Efficiency

Born for delivery, it can serve consumers all day round. Wherever, whenever.


Sufficient Storage

Its 4 cabins provide large capacity, meeting various demands from customers.


Universal Delivery

From room to takeaway deliveries, the smart technology installed in the dispatched robots will surprise many.


All Area IoT

W3 can autonomously enter and exit elevators. Equipped with the latest technology, W3 is also able to connect through the intercom and call the respective parties wherever needed. Besides, it’s presence can be detected by automatic door sensors for smooth deliveries. Most importantly, this newly developed shock-absorbing chassis robot dodges to avoid any obstacles in its way.


Innovative Experience

Adopting human-like interaction, W3 has a built-in face recognition and voice interaction system. Users can issue any specific instructions by talking and directing the robot to the desired location.


Product Size 500mm x 500mm x 1100mm Display Screen TFT LCD 11.6 - inch touch screen, 1280 x 800
Production Net Weight 48kg Loading Capacity Total of 2 floors and 4 cabins, single cabin size L400 x W200 x H350mm
Network Interface Wifi / 4G Autonomous opening and closing doors
Endurance Time 9 to 12 hours Position Navigation Method Laser, IMU, encoder multi-sensor positioning navigation
Battery Capacity 12AH Obstacle Avoidance Method Dual stereo vision, Dual ultrasound, Collision bar and other sensors
Charging Time 4 hours Maximum Speed 1m/s
Charging Mode Automatic / Manual Maximum Climbing Angle

W3 - For Hotels, Offices and Apartments

SKU: KR-W3-001
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