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What is T5 about?

Abandoning the human shape design, T5 has a brand new minimalist look. Moreover, its high load-bearing capacity and its aesthetic design is suitable for multiple scenes and ingenious quality. The ergonomic structural design serves as a good delivery helper and gives the large open-angle tray convenient control.


Improved Delivery

Its multi-layer and large pallet layers each weighs 10kg. Running approximately 150 times continuously for 14 hours per day, T5 delivers more than 600 pallets. As compared to waiters, it is able to multi-task deliveries, serving four tables at one time. Delivery efficiency has proven to increase by 200 to 300%


Autonomous Navigation

Through the touch sensor, Android control system increases robot interaction diversity and scene adaptability. It has seven sensing systems integrated deep in the robot. Depth vision, stereo vision (RGBD), laser radar (LIDAR), collision sensor and infrared ranging make the robot flexible and effective in avoiding obstacles.


Multi-machine intelligence

The intelligent robot coordination ensures the cooperation of multiple surrounding robots to complete the tasks safely and efficiently using AI distribution scheduling. Besides, the robot is responsive to the environment with ultra-flexible regional speed limit function. It adjusts its own speed according to the slope of the ground. 



The robot relies heavily on KEENON’s synchronous localization and map construction system to run in restaurants and other application scenarios without interruptions. Relying on a series of sensors and multi-sensor fusion algorithms such as encoder and gyroscope (IMU), the robot has high precision positioning. Even so, flexible movement and high robustness gives T5 the additional features none of the others have.


Omnidirectional obstacle sensing

LIDAR, depth vision, stereo vision (RGBD), collision sensor, and infrared ranging depth vision endow the robot with a more flexible and effective movement obstacle avoidance capability. Besides, the Android control system increases the interaction diversity and scene adaptability of robots through touch sensors

T5 - For busy Restaurants

€16,500.00 Regular Price
€11,500.00Sale Price
Excluding Tax
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